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  • 05:11 PM Nov 23rd
    JAMA Viewpoint - “How will we know if we succeed?”. How can we progress the efficacy of physician wellbeing, if we only measure major outcomes - patient mortality and physician burnout. We need to add and validate intermediate outcome measures, and this viewpoint makes the case beautifully.
  • 02:11 PM Nov 23rd
    NEJM POINTER multicenter RCT no advantage early vs postponed catheter drainage of infected necrotising pancreatitis for primary and secondary outcomes. Patients assigned to postponed group had less interventions, and higher proportion no intervention
  • 12:11 PM Nov 23rd
    JAMA REMAP-CAP Convalescent plasma - 2 units high tier ABO comp convalescent plasma to critically ill adults not associated with improved outcomes, probability futility of 99.4%. Subgroup analyses support further investigation immunocompromised patients and timing.
  • 12:11 PM Nov 23rd
    JAMA COVID STEROID 2 Trial - 12 vs 6mg dexamethasone no difference in days alive without life support at 28 days in adult with COVID and severe hypoxaemia
  • 02:10 PM Oct 28th
    JAMA CAPITAL-CHILL Overall this study reports no difference in mortality or poor neurological outcome in adults survivors of OHCA who received 31C targeted temperature management compared to 34C. The only difference reported was a longer ICU LOS in the 31C cohort.

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